Website Development

eCommerce and SAAS Websites Development.


SAAS Applications

Over the years, we have built over 25 custom programmed websites for various applications. Most utilized .NET technologies and Some PHP. Some web applications based on Drupal, MODX and others.

What we do

Ecommerce CMS

As a part of our hosting service we built a CMS with eCommerce capabilities and supports B2B and B2C customers.

eCommerce Content Management System (CMS)

We implemented an eCommerce CMS for specialized B2B applications.

This CMS was implemented in .NET MVC and supported a multiple catalogs, user logins, multi-level discounts, product list, product detail and checkout.

“DPA Software’s HIT Builder… makes it possible to create, manage, and collect results from Mechanical Turk HITs without writing any code. The site features both “Pro” and “Wizard” interfaces, with clean and functional tabbed dialogs to lead new Requesters through each step of the process.” – Jeff Barr, AWS Blogger

Technology: ASP.NET, web service connected to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, MS SQL Server.

Website is now deprecated after Amazon’s improvements to their Mechanical Turk user interface.

TQMS / CIS SAAS Application

CIS is a full Quality management software system to implement ISO 9000+ for warehouse logistics.

Technology: ASP.NET


SplashBlog Website

We implemented an early version of picture blogging connected to various early Microsoft and Symbian smart phones for SplashData, Inc. Required picture management and web-services to communicate with phone.

Technology: Microsoft Active Server Pages

Website was purchased and rebranded in 2006.