What is a Website AI Chatbot?

Chatbots are small windows on some websites where visitors can type questions or click a button to start a conversation (see left image). While chatbots have been around for a while, they haven’t been very effective on consumer websites due to their lack of flexibility and limited conversational abilities.

However, with the rise of Artificial Intelligence, like ChatGPT, chatbots can now engage in dynamic conversations understanding the visitor’s intent, answering questions, and booking appointments by leveraging the information on the website.

In terms of the adoption of AI Chatbots:

  • Approximately 58% of B2B companies have integrated chatbots on their websites, compared to about 42% of B2C companies​ (The Tech Report)​​ (LocaliQ)​.
  • Overall, 80% of companies use conversational marketing tools, including chatbots, to engage with customers and potential clients​ (ChatBot)​.

Some stats on visitor chatbot usage:

  • Globally, 67% of people have used an AI chatbot in the last 12 months​ (The Tech Report)​.
  • Around 87% of consumers rate their interactions with chatbots as neutral or positive​ (Master of Code Global)​.

DPA Software has been creating websites for over 30 years, and we believe AI chatbot technologies will revolutionize visitor interactions on your site. While AI is still in its early adoption phase, it will soon become essential for appointment-based businesses.

We offer a range of AI chatbots tailored to your specific needs to enhance customer service and simplify the appointment scheduling process.

How does a Chatbot improve conversions on your website?

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  • 24/7 Availability

    Chatbots provide round-the-clock instant answers to reduce bounce rates and increase engagement.

  • Data Collection and Insights

    Chatbots collect valuable customer interactions, including forms, to improve marketing strategies and website design.

  • Streamlined Customer Journey

    Chatbots can guide users through the website, helping them find products or information quickly without significant additional costs.

  • Personalized Experience

    Chatbots can be trained to offer personalized product recommendations and promotions to further incentivizing purchases.

You got enough to worry about running your business.

What makes DPA Chatbots better than other products?

Installation and Training

We can install the bot on almost any website and train the AI bot on the information available on the website to ensure all answers are appropriate and on-brand

Response Monitoring

We monitor the AI chatbot responses to ensure they are accurate and on-brand. We track questions that are not answered and add approved answers to the AI training set.

Actionable Reports

Depending on the plan, we supply monthly or quarterly reports, along with website design recommendations. We can also set up your Google Analytics to track chatbot interactions.

Form Integrations

We can implement adaptive forms in the Chatbot to make filling out more intuitive and painless and then pass this info to your internal systems (only available in Premium plan).

How it works

The Overall Onboarding Process


At the discovery call, we will provide a time estimate to train and deploy the chatbot on your website.

Normally it only takes 2-4 days. We like to review your analytics and website to design starter questions and request additional training information.

At the discovery call, we typically talk about how we could install the chatbot on your website.

  1. You or your webmaster could install the piece of Javascript code on the website.
  2. Or you can provide us access to your Google Tag Manager (GTM) to install the Chatbot.
  3. If Google Tag Manager is not installed on your website, then we may need access to your website.

We usually request access to your Google Analytics as well to set up chatbot tracking. This is optional.

Our Chatbot technology is trained and designed to only use the provided information in its responses to the user’s questions. Also we monitor the messages transcript to monitor the quality of the responses. If we detect an issue, we added additional training data to ensure proper answers.

The Chatbot also includes a thumbs up and thumbs down feedback indicators so that good and bad answers are flagged for review.

Results vary based on Factors like your niche, the amount of website traffic, the quality of the traffic quality, and competition.

Some of our customers have seen a 20+% increase in website conversion. This is better than if you had done a complete website redesign!

The other factor to consider is being ahead of, or on-par with the competitors in your market space.

 During the first month, we review the chatbot weekly to see if there are questions that should be converted to FAQs! This is important to building an increase in conversion. You will start seeing conversion results in our first report.

We install and monitor the AI chatbot to ensure it provides accurate and useful answers to visitor questions. We also provide periodic usage reports and recommend additional information to assist visitors. While access to the chatbot backend is typically not provided to webmasters, it can be made available for an additional monthly fee.


  • Starter
  • – Installation on website with Google Tag Manager
    – Bot trained on website data
    – Quarterly Performance Report
  • Professional
  • – Installation on website
    – Bot trained on website data
    – 4 Starter Question buttons
    – Weekly monitoring and optimization
    – Monthly Performance Report
  • Integrator
  • – Same as Professional Plan plus
    – Custom Adaptive forms
    – Integration to CRM

“Wow, adding the DPA Chatbot to our website increased our appointment calls and we found a bunch of questions visitors had that our website was not providing an answer for.” – Christina

Testimonials like Christina’s reflect the significant impact the DPA AI Chatbot can have on your business. Join the growing number of satisfied clients who have revolutionized their customer engagement and lead generation with our advanced chatbot technology.

Our Vision, Our Mission

We believe that AI will drastically change the way people interact with commercial websites. AI-assisted technologies such as conversational chatbots, voice interactions, and dynamic content personalization, will enable truly user-centric interfaces to better serve customers and website providers. AI-assisted conversational chatbots are just the first offering of practical AI applications.

DPA Software is offering a subscription to these technological updates to ensure your website maintains a leading edge in engagement and conversion using these AI-assisted technologies.

We track the latest technology and present these opportunities for you to decide when you want your website to progress to the next level off automations.

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