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A Little About US

We are a combination of US-bases resources and offshore developers. This allows us to offer you an offshore rate with an onshore interface for strategy, UX and project management. Our onshore and offshore teams have worked together for 15 years with many of the same developers on staff. We know how to get things done through clear communications and project management practices. We use project tools like Trello, JIRA, Confluence and others to provide you visibility into the development process. Typical project sizes are $30k to $200k.

$2.5 Million

Cum Project Value

75+ Projects

Projects Completed

10+ Developers

Working for You

20+ Years

of Experience

Partner Engagement

How it Works – bringing app capabilities to your clients

Your App Development Partner

We will advise, teach and even participate in selling app opportunities – including co-sales meetings, proposal writing, discovery, solution, UX and project planning. How much support you need is up to you.

Development Services

We manage and perform the app development. We can also assist in technical architecture and web services development to support the app. You perform the visual design and other parts of the development you are comfortable with.

Ongoing Support

We will support the app or train your team on how to support it. You own the source code and relationship with your customer. We will advise you on how to maintain and support your client’s apps as an ongoing revenue stream.

For Agencies and Enterprises

We are a project augmentation staff for Agencies and Enterprises. You can choose between T&M projects or, if we participate in the discovery, we will consider fixed bid projects as well.

20+ Years of Experience

Each team member has extensive experience with mobile apps, web services, database development and integrations.

Designed for Win-Win Profitability

We designed our service to augment your staff with rates that will enable you to make a profit on each job, often for less than a FTE with no benefits and downtime expenses.

Proven Technologies

We use leading proven technologies to implement stable systems for the best brand experience

Low Overhead - High Competency

Highly Experienced off-shore team members doing the development. No body stacking on our projects.

Stable Project Management Process

We’re not the company that is trying the latest project management technique, we practice what works.

Management Team

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David M Pfeiffer, President and Owner

A seasoned professional with more than 25 years of experience in technology related businesses. David has contributed to over 75+ websites and mobile apps at various agencies and companies such as Hanson Dodge, BuySeasons, Accenture, Luminos Labs and his own company, DPA Software. David was the marketing manager for a best selling mSecure, an Android and iOS password manager app. In addition, he was a founder in several start-up ventures in Texas and Wisconsin.

Yogesh Patel, Software Director

A seasoned professional with more than 25 years of experience in technology related businesses.