Digital Strategy

Discovery and Solution Strategies for Digital Transformation and larger scale Mobile Apps and Websites

Digital Strategy Development Process

Digital Strategies are constructed from models of people groups, the brand and environment. From there, strategies, tactics and digital and brand experiences are designed to engage and make brand advocates. The following process outlines the process used in the development of large digital assets. This process would be scaled back to the meet the budget and goals of the client.

Discovery and Strategy Input Elements

DPA Software offers Digital Strategy services as part of a digital transformation or customer experience initiatives. This CX offering reviews all aspects of the customer touch points and moments made though out the organization. This information is used in the digital transformation process as customer personas profiles and journey maps that model the voice of the customer  and interaction improvements in the organization.

Digital Strategy Modeling

The Audience, Company and Environment research is used modeling of customer personas profiles, competitive environment, brand attributes and journey maps to design strategies and tactics to meet the goals of the digital transformation project.

Strategy and Tactical Solutions

The models drive specific strategies and tactics. This includes marketing, sales, content, etc. Here is a small sample of the digital strategies and tactics we consider in the Solution Strategy development

UX and Visual Design

The final phase to prepare for implementation is the design of the overall experience from the touch points, moments, and visual design incorporating the modeling and strategies.

Featured Projects

Coastal Farm

Coastal Farm was looking to deploy a fully integrated e-commerce platform for their multi-store business with support for in-store pick-up, truck delivery and preordering. The digital strategy included a custom checkout and payment system. Business personas were developed to drive the overall brand experience, information architecture and customer journey.

Coastal Country was implemented in EPIServer using EPI’s recommender systems, content management system, and eCommerce Manager. The project included an integration with a Product Information Manager (PIM), Order Management System (OMS) and their ERP.


This website served both end-users and sell-through dealer capabilities including extensive content resources. Product Serial number will tracked along with manuals and accessory personalized recommendations. The Solution Strategy included product information architecture and filter taxonomy for the RiverSand Product Information Manager (PIM).

MillerWelds was implemented in Sitecore using their content management, E-Commerce manager, and recommender systems. The project included an integration with a Product Information Manager (PIM), and their ERP.

EAA AirVenture App

The App UX and technical architecture were developed to operate with the EAA SiteCode website so that the client would only have to enter AirVenture info only once.

This app was prototyped in Axure so the client could see how it would work before implemented in Cordova. The Design included the ability to access the GPS location even if the Internet access was not available on-site.

Home Improvement Apps

Implemented and support several In-home presentation apps for Home Improvement salespersons for various companies. The app supports home improvement products presentation, product configurations and sales documents for a complete selling solution. The home improvements products include windows, roofing, doors, siding, insulation, and bathrooms.

Cordova technology was used to implement the apps so that the app could operate without an Internet connection while the salesperson was in the customer property. The pricing and various features for the home improvement products were fetched from the companies ERP or from Google Sheets.

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