AI Chat Bots

OpenAI, Llama based Chatbots and applications

Web Applications

.NET & PHP web applications. Compliance Remediation

Web / App Strategy

Digital strategy, discovery, and strategy development.

Mobile Apps

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps w/o an Internet Connection.

20+ Years of Experience

Each team member has extensive experience with mobile apps, web services, database development and integrations.

Proven Technologies

We use leading proven technologies to implement stable systems for the best brand experience

Low Overhead - High Competency

Highly Experienced off-shore team members doing the development. No body stacking on our projects.

Stable Project Management Process

We’re not the company that is trying the latest project management technique, we practice what works.

For Agencies and Enterprises

We are a project augmentation staff for Agencies and Enterprises. You can choose between T&M projects or, if we participate in the discovery, we will consider fixed bid projects as well.

Designed for Win-Win Profitability

We designed our service to augment your staff with rates that will enable you to make a profit on each job, often for less than a FTE with no benefits and downtime expenses.

Featured Projects

EAA AirVenture App

We implemented the first version of the EAA AirVenture app. The client subsequently brought the development in-house. The app enabled users to locate events on the EAA grounds via GPS, set reminders and more.

This app was implemented in Cordova in 2.5 months for Android and iOS mobile platforms. The app pulled and cached all event data from the SiteCore website. This reduced the client’s information maintenance work.

mSecure Password Manager

We implemented the first version of the mSecure Android app and maintained it. The client subsequently brought the development in-house. The app supported the encryption and all functions of the iOS and desktop apps.

This app was implemented as a native Android app and used Bonjour to communicate with the desktop app.

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